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Special Drive Test Prep

Many drivers have been referred by Driver Safety, i.e. stroke, brain injury, vision problems, collision, etc. 

We look forward to assisting you in the reinstatement of your driver’s license.  We have Defensive Driving Specialists who offer "Special Drive Test Prep" lessons.  During your first lesson, the specialist will discuss the reason you were referred to Driver Safety and will give you an assessment of your current driving performance. If you still drive on the freeway, we will also include freeway driving. 

The Specialist will offer his or her professional opinion as to whether you are ready to pass the special drive test or if you need additional training. Most students who are referred to Driver Safety take an average of 3 lessons.  If you have already failed a road test, we will also review the test results and work on the driving tasks that need improvement. DMV usually gives you 3 chances to pass the road test.

Receive a thorough, written evaluation of the lesson sent via email or USPS, first class mail.  The Specialist is also available to accompany you to the DMV Special Drive Test.

You must have a valid special instruction permit, valid CDL, or temp. CDL to schedule training. 

I Do NOT Have a Special Learner’s Permit Yet:

Get Started Today!  If you would like the driving school to obtain the Special Learner’s Permit for you, the first step is to fill out a “Special Drive Test Application” and pay the $95 correspondence fee.  Once the driving school receives the Special Permit from Driver Safety, you are eligible to schedule your IN-Car, specialized driving lessons.  Professional requests from Driving Schools are more apt to be approved.   

I Already Have a Special Learner’s Permit:

If you have obtained your own Special Learner’s Permit (or have a valid CDL), you may schedule your Specialized Driving Lesson now.



Special Drive Test Prep 2 Hour Lesson


3-Hour, DMV Service - Use our vehicle for the drive test.

*If 3-hour DMV appointment goes over 3 hours, there are additional fees ($15 per 15 minutes)




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  •  Special Drive Test Prep 2 Hour Lesson $210
  •   3-Hour, DMV Service $270

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